127 likes. While it is a good sword able to cut steel, something made by a human cannot compare to something not made by men. It is simply something thought to be part of who he is. Assassin is one of the seven Assassin Class Servants during the Ninth Holy Grail War, also known as the First Worldwide Holy Grail War, of Fate/World, summoned by Xiang Xia for China's participation in the war. 苦手な物:特になし Knowledge of the Sowa Fate/stay night has the "Assassin" who's based on Kojiro Sasaki and even uses the Tsubame Gaeshi and a nodachi. Wraith Mana: He is shown to be very attached to his gate, to the point he even talks to it, and apparently hears it talk back. Eye of the Mind (False): A Sasaki Kojiro encounters Musashi after the latter's duel with Munenori, and the two warriors would enter their fated duel. A: She had something similar to a Command Spell. Jan 1, 2019 - Assassin(アサシン, Asashin?) A refined man who admires the beauties of nature and wraps his body in an elegant battle surcoat. Assassin wields the Monohoshi Zao (物干し竿?, The Laundry-Drying Pole), an over five shaku long, 150 centimeter, Bitchu Aoe blade. He utilizes a long Japanese katana and discovered the ultimate technique, “Tsubame Gaeshi”, being absolutely all he possesses. ……む?なんか地縛霊っぽい? the two chat and it soon becomes clear that they will not be finding a peaceful solution to their problem so they agree to fight it out . Sasaki Kojir ō. Assassin is quiet and composed, and while his general tone has a mocking nature to it, he takes it to another level with Caster. ), during his duel with Miyamoto Musashi. Armaments: [7] With any great deed performed by Assassin, the reward will go to "Sasaki Kojirou", as he is nothing and all his actions are meaningless. I am Sasaki Kojirou, an Assassin-class Servant. アサシンが使用する長刀。長さ五尺(約1m50cm)という常識外の長さを誇る。間合いは広いが使い勝手 がいいとはとても言えす、人の域を超えた剣技を会得したアサシン以外には使いこなせないだろう 。 Personal skills 身長/体重:176cm・63kg Q: After Caster summoned Assassin (Sasaki Kojirou), was she branded with Command Seals? Sasaki Kojiro Fate for Totally Accurate Battle Simulator. This "Sasaki Koujirou" is nothing but an nonentity swordsman that was summoned due to the fact he can reproduce the "Tsubame Gaeshi" that appears in Koujirou's legend. While he holds out the thought that his sword may be able to block a few strikes from Excalibur, it is bent only after one clash. 7.5%, 2x The length defies common sense, the name being a derogatory nickname rather than a formal title, meaning “That blade is way too damn long to use!” It cannot be called "useful" despite its large range, as almost nobody except Assassin, having a mastery of the sword exceeding the realm of humans, could even wield it. Shimosa Province: The Stage of Rivers of Blood and Mountains of Corpses. [7] He was a nameless martial artist with some relation to the Ryuudou Temple, but there is no way to know his true identity. He is defeated by Saber due to his blade being bent from their previous encounter, which leaves an opening in his Tsubame Gaeshi. 形とキャスターが作り上げた対魔術の防御結界は魔術・宝具を大幅に削減してしまう為、 Assassin does not employ assassination techniques such as ambush, and due to excelling in swordsmanship, he frequently chooses to fight face-to-face directly with other Servants. Series: Incidentally, he takes upon the pseudonym Kojirou Tsuda (津田小次郎, Tsuda Kojirō?). Like Lancer, he will have some fighting power left even if his heart is destroyed, allowing him to close the gap between an opponent after receiving a fatal wound, such as True Assassin using Zabaniya to kill him, and use Tsubame Gaeshi to leave both of them dead. Appearances αlιαѕ. 地域:日本 Both fighters are in character. Eye of the Mind (False): A もともとは空を飛ぶ燕を斬るために編み出されたもの。 He has no actual stances, meaning any seeming opening cannot be trusted, and the ability to use a sword of such length means that he has to be able to swing it from any position, even delivering slashes even while standing idly. He then asked by Martha why he is tagging along with her and Georgios, to which answers as he did before that he wishes fight her. If you talk to them in a general dialogue box, they will join you. パラメータ It is not a Noble Phantasm, but it has reached a similar level out of pure godlike skill. The winner is not shown, as Saber and Shirou flee while they have the chance. He is an irregular Servant that shouldn't exist according to the rules of the Holy Grail War, but Caster's unique nature as a Servant summoning a Servant twists the process. The true Servant, one of the Hassan-i-Sabbah, is summoned as True Assassin in the Heaven's Feel route. 透過 B+ ずに呪殺する事が可能。魔力Eの小次郎が倒れるは必須…よって、真アサシンの勝利か? Parameters Nasu-san CHECK! War: Assassin is quiet and composed, and while his general tone has a mocking nature to it, he takes it to another level with Caster. Q:佐々木小次郎として呼ばれた男に本名はあったのでしょうか? He is an unorthodox sword-user who is only able to improve on such techniques, so he mentions that figuring out the shape is "just a street performance." が強い小次郎は、心臓が破壊されたとしても戦闘能力は残っています。宝具使用後の隙を Weight: 63kg After his victory, he never believed that he would face against a tough opponent and was satisfied with his time spent in the Holy Grail War. Encontre (e salve!) Ranking: B. Attack Speed After being rejected by her, Sasaki wonders if Martha isn't fighter as she says she isn't, and then answers her that he's wanderer when she asks him if he's a samurai. アーチャー的に遠距離で勝負したい所だが、接近しないと姿を見せないアサシン相手に狙 Aug 1, 2018 - Explore Chase Rashid's board "Sasaki Kojiro" on Pinterest. Strictly speaking, this is neither a Noble Phantasm nor a magical phenomenon. Through "history's greatest duel", their duel would have prolonged for eternity had Ritsuka Fujimaru not determined Musashi as the winner.[18]. “攻撃に目が慣れる”などという下手な剣筋は繰り出さない、という事か。 The katana is a longsword not suited to direct competitions of power. He is honorable in battle, always maintaining a degree of bushido, and he is not the type who would attack defenseless women and children. 身長:176 cm C[2] Japanese name: You dont know how frustrated and hopeless when was a noob playing Chapter 1 but facing multiple Fafnir. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Mastering the Ganryuu-style at a young age, a genius swordsman said to find no equal no matter where he went. Sight Range Born in 1585, Sasaki Kojirō used this style of sword throughout his life. User: Assassin Published by 88Orochi (mod ID: 305505) アサシン【サーヴアント】 Aloof from the world and having a somewhat elusive personality but, as expected, he is a warrior who likes fair and square contests. His true name was unknown. Q:ギルガメッシュに剣技のスキルはないとのことですが、ならば燕返しの間合いに捕らえさえすればアサシン*でもギルに勝てるのですか? (愛媛県/緑三閃) と嘆息させる程で、勝ち目はない。弓も剣も通用しない以上、UBWを使うしか勝機は無く、 If he detects an opening, he would decapitate the opponent with the 5-shaku katana with certainty. Like the story stated, if there were a database for humanity, then Assassin was the piece of data that matched the parameters of Kojiro Sasaki. “That blade is way too damn long to use!” would be the intended meaning. View source. Historical Fact[3][4] This is the “Multidimensional Refraction Phenomenon—Kischua Zelretch” that transcends speed, dexterity, feint and many other elements. Furthermore, he lacks most of the usual parameters and abilities granted to his class. Vitrification Height: 176cm Fate/stay night has the "Assassin" who's based on Kojiro Sasaki and even uses the Tsubame Gaeshi and a nodachi. This is not a skill to hide, but a technique of the mind for the martial artist to merge with his surroundings. [Overcharge]Gains critical stars. 心音を破る手段は無いのですから。ですが、その先があります。妄想心音の泣き所は「即 He was the samurai who guarded the mountain gate of Ryuudou Temple. Assassin's appearance is that of a samurai swordsman with long indigo hair tied into ponytail and indigo eyes. During battle, mental interference such as charm and fear sorceries activated by the opponent is completely neutralised. He wears a traditional light purple umanori hakama and kimono, light purple tabi and black zori with purple haori and tekkou and carries his sword, Monohoshi Zao on his back. However, Assassin still exists and wants to duel against Saber. 保有スキル Mental interference from charms and fear magecraft activated by the opponent are completely negated. Sasaki Kojirō Hits: 2|2|1|4 Eye of the Mind (False) A Grants self Evasion for 1 turn.Increases own critical damage for 3 turns. Class: Assassin VS The fight takes place within the Forest of Death (Naruto) with both fighters 150 metres apart. アサシン And especially against Kojirou, who has a strong spirit alignment, even if his heart is destroyed he still will have some fighting power left in him. The true Servant, one of the Hassan-i-Sabbah, is summoned as True Assassin in the Heaven's Feel route. 佐々木小次郎がこのクラスになったのは、偏に召喚者がルール違反の者だった為。 Luck: Profile While she wishes to rush in and be done with it, her honed instincts can sense his ability to seize a sure kill, so she remains cautious of him. What his real identity was, there is no way to know. Human ... Kojiro Sprite1.png. Nameless Saber His pursuit of sword technique, sophistication, and finding joy in duelling with strong foes are all reminiscent of the legendary Kojiro Sasaki: cool and elegant. https://fateanother.fandom.com/wiki/Sasaki_Kojirō?oldid=9315. アンロック条件:「LEGEND・OF・THE・SAMURAI」をクリアすると開放 The ultimate sword technique that assaults the opponent from three directions “simultaneously”. Ganryū Island. Kojiro can quickly learn anyone’s sword technique. Even if there was a person like him, it can be said that his figure passed down to the present is a fictional swordsman nor an overstatement to say that he has never existed. 物干し竿 He spent much of his life simply trying to figure out the best method to cut down a swallow, and although he realized the method was impossible for a human, he had nothing else to do and kept on practicing. Nothing special can be felt from his sword, so it should be easy for her to repel it. Character Data 014 Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Base Stat The Laundry-Drying Pole As a result, if it's not a powerful Noble Phantasm, then he won't take a fatal wound. As an improper Servant, Assassin is entirely dependent on Caster for mana and cannot move freely beyond the grounds of Ryuudou Temple. Nero invited Kojirou to challenge her Collosseum. He seemed to be a martial artists who had connections with the Ryuudou Temple in the past. I'm putting this in the VS thread board, because I don't know where else to put it. A situation only those two who put their very souls into their blades can reach. Evasion Afterwards, he and the others go to the waters of Marseille with him tagging along in the hopes that he'll get to fight with Martha. イラストレーター・声優 暗殺者の英霊。 Assassin suggested Saber to retreat as he already figured out Saber's techniques and along with the possibility that the third party member will attack Shirou Emiya who is on his way to collect Saber. A miraculous sword fight that is supposed to go on forever, never reaching its conclusion. [JP] Fate Grand Order Fate/Apocrypha Event: Inheritance of Glory Guide Type-Moon's 10th Anniversary Character Poll, Servants of Fate/Grand Order x Himuro's World, https://typemoon.fandom.com/wiki/Assassin_(Fate/stay_night)?oldid=172605. A: There is speculation that Kojirou’s real name was Tsuda, etc., but the man known as Assassin has no name. Caster, borrowing the power of the Greater Grail, was able to obtain fake Command Spells and summon a fake Servant, Assassin. Anti-Unit Mystic Sword[3][4] He initially has trouble with Invisible Air because its distance cannot be gauged, making it too dangerous to close in and not allow him to follow through with his strikes. Who's the best false assassin: Sasaki Kojiro (Fate/Stay Night) vs Zealot (Fate/Strange Fake) ... fate/stay night novel for kojiro and strange/fake manga for the zealot. The master swordsman only taught him the refined behaviour of a swordsman; a communion with nature and the master swordsman did not instruct him on anything related to sword techniques. Affiliation: Caster's Servant He himself calls it a secret sword technique, but on the eyes of the surroundings it is unmistakably a magic sword. Not much is known about his true identity or history, an enigma with scholars to this day. Gender: Male Strength: C Some sources state he was dual-wielding wooden swords, one 95cm and the other 106cm, while others say it was a single long sword measuring over 2 meters. [16] It is said that there is no swordsmen that can reach Infinity, a path that surely no one can ever walk upon. Guide includes Ascension / Skill Items, Stats, NP, Skill & Review. 所属:キャスターに仕えるサーヴァント He works his sword like a hurricane, using elastic tracks to parry blows from opponents stronger and faster than himself, all while flowing toward the opponent's neck to decapitate the them with certainty should he detect an opening. - 13 avril 1612), dit Ganryū, était un fameux bretteur japonais, des époques Sengoku et Edo. Was he not spending his time farming on the farmlands? Noble Phantasm En la novela visual "Fate stay/night", el sirviente Assasin es Sasaki Kojirō. Strength: With this said, due to Kojiro’s personality, battles are usually commenced only after the parties have presented and introduced themselves. Volund. No matter retreating and challenging him how many times, Artoria still cannot see through Kojiro’s techniques. 武:じゃあはじめの演舞を見ただけなんだ…… それ、天才の中の天才クラスですよね!? Assassin's story follow as he was summoned by Caster, he notices that the environment to be familiar to Ryuudou Temple. The clash of the existences and concepts between Musashi's Zero and Kojiro's Their skills had surpassed everything; time, space, existence, essence. On the latter’s case, it surpassed Kojirou’s Monohoshi-Zao in size. He reveals his "true name" without regard, and seems disinterested in Caster's promised reward of making him into a real Sasaki. N/A 2.5% Caster corrects Assassin that it has been many years since he last saw Ryuudou Temple and calls him as Sasaki Kojirou. Hand of God. Great Magic Class skills Kojirou faced 100 challengers and emerged victorious.[10]. 真っ当な「殺し合い」ならアーチャーが有利。されどアサシンは他の鯖と異なる戦闘条件 ○宗和の心得:B で闘う曲者です。多くの鯖が攻性である反面、アサシンは防性。柳洞寺という鯖殺しの地 ○燕返し Although Kojiro and Artoria crossed blades numerous times, due to this ability, Artoria still could not adapt to Kojiro’s technique despite having Rank A Instinct. Facing his own death will not cause him to waver, so it is a very useful ability for a gate guardian. More precisely, it is a mental state acquired after reaching the pinnacle of arduous training. むしろそれだけの理由で剣の冥加に達したこの剣士が、どれほど妥協せず、また、極まった武の才を持っていたかという話だ。 [2], The perception of his eyes is the best among Servants, allowing him to see through the weapon and style of his opponent after crossing blades only a few times. In the Unlimited Blade Works scenario, Assassin permits Archer entry into Ryuudou Temple so he can give that "vixen a scare." When Avenger makes his move, Assassin fights the dog-shadows right beside his Master, Caster and Souichirou Kuzuki. Gender: Character Data 014 Leveling Level Up 「ふむ。男前が上がったかな?」 Hmph, have I gotten even more handsome? Sasaki Kojirō . He seemed to be related to the Ryudo Temple. This replica of Sasaki’s personal Monohoshizao sword is the same length as that of the prominent Japanese figure. Level 3 Bond. Base Health 純粋な剣技のみで言えば、今回の聖杯戦争中最高のサーヴァントである。 [2] The Bitchu Aoe may have been the master's, or perhaps he received it from the Holy Grail when the legendary soul was summoned. Kojiro Sasaki Reviews: 0. Just like in Carnival Phantasm, the anime's ending features Assassin as a cardboard cutout. Height/Weight: 176cm・63kg 鯖単体の対決なら、文句なく真アサシンに軍配が上がります。判定の通り、小次郎に妄想 Sasaki Kojirō (佐々木 小次郎,? Servant Dialogue Interlude Strengthen; Interlude 1. In terms of pure swordsmanship, he was the greatest in this Holy Grail War. He is not receiving constant magical upkeep, so he was only given twenty days worth of energy. Hassan of the Cursed Arm is less of a damage Servant and much more a star-creating Servant (especially with his future skill upgrade). Clothing Take a moment to check out the awesome artists featured in this video! The fact that he cannot go outside the temple is comically exaggerated, to the point of being replaced with a cardboard cutout in multiple scenes (including the opening theme). The name “Laundry-Drying Pole” is not its formal title, but more of a derogatory nickname.
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