Chowder is the titular main protagonist of the series of the same name. Chowder in the beginning of "The Poltergeist". Once the team explained they wanted to make her into a delicious pie, they were let through. He's even cried over receiving punishment, which is understandable for his age. Gazpacho, who is controlled by his mother but does very little to improve himself, represents Sloth. More from. "What is it Mr. I asked. Fortunately, they're alright, and she breifly shows relief before masking it under disappointment. In the series finale, Chowder Grows Up, at the end of the episode, Chowder and Panini get married, and she has 50 babies (2 of them were born on the first day, 20 of them were born on the next day, and 28 of them are born on the last day.) She forces him to close his eyes when kissing a blue banana, gets his backside run over by a giant cheese grater, three children, featuring his best friend. Miss Endive, who is obsessed with triumphing over Mung, represents Greed. Relevance. Shnitzel looked like he regretted his joke. "The Apprentice Games" is the 20th episode of series and the final episode of the first season. More from. Greenblatt (adult) His former mentor and Endive qualifies as well. He attended the University of Texas at Austin where he majored in advertising. Mung told him. Due to his appetite, he's quite heavy and doesn't do well with sports or physical activity in general. Their Wedding video begins to play. C.H. Characteristics Status Then Endive sticks him under a heat lamp to finish cooking and transforms him into a stud, which is his true form. He is the young apprentice of Mung Daal, and usually gets himself into misadventures due to his love of cooking and his insatiable desire to eat. 1 Appearance 2 Personality 3 Episode Appearances 4 Trivia 5 Gallery Panini is a pink cabbit (half rabbit & half cat). Told you, nothing to worry about [] The series was cancelled in August 2009 as the network felt that the show didn't fit their new target demographic of older boys; a demographic the network hoped to interest with the then-new live-action CN Real block.note It did the exact opposite. Male Jack and Bitty got matching mouse ears, and he got Lardo to take a picture of them kissing in … As of June 2, 2014, you can catch reruns on Boomerang. It's doubtful that many young kids would recognize the. Chowder: Are you sure? Watch Chowder episodes, get episode information, recaps and more. ... Post Credits Scene and Ending Explained Spoiler Review. However, this does not seem to bother him, except for the episode "Brain Grub". All Just a Dream: The finale, "Chowder Grows Up", according to Chowder during the ending puppet segment. 4 Answers. He has a prominent fang on his upper jaw that can be seen even when his mouth is closed. He proceeds to, In "The Garden" the very first lines spoken was Mung telling Chowder, "So anyway this is going to be the best episode ever, because I'm gonna show you where food comes from! Mung told him. Rosabelwakeman27. He serves as Chowder’s cooking master and adopted father. In several episodes, there is a gag that Chowder is fully aware he is in a cartoon (commonly called "breaking the fourth wall"). And of course, he then refuses to let them leave even when Truffles actually manages to win. In the nose, out the ear for the former, in the ear, out the mouth for the latter. All Just a Dream: The finale, "Chowder Grows Up", according to Chowder during the ending puppet segment. Chowder did Disneyland with terrifying efficiency. Shnitzel sight and walks off to go clean something. Mung Daal (voiced by Dwight Schultz): The elderly chef who runs the catering company at which Chowder works. I bet it's, Chowder's stated reason for not wanting to grow up and stop being Mung's apprentice in the, What about what happened when Mung made "Tooty Pooty Beans" and it resulted in him, Chowder, Truffles, and Shnitzel being chased by an. He then sees what all of his friends grew up to be, and he finally realizes that he should stop acting like a kid and grow up. First Appearance In the final episode, Mung tells Chowder that one day, he'll have to grow up and run the kitchen on his own once he becomes old enough. In the end as a thank you, Chowder kisses Panini on the cheek. Twenty years in the future, Chowderstill has refused to grow up. Mung and Truffles do this in "Shnitzel Quits": Panini with Chowder in "Bruised Bluenana". After "Frank" captures him and takes him to Souron, Chowder eats a cherry and comments on how sour it is. 20 years in the future, Chowder is still reluctant to grow up & leave his immature ways behind. Chowder is the main character of the show and has made an appearance in every single episode of the series. Twenty years in the future, Chowder still has refused to grow up. Mung Daal Chowder Apprentice Game Guards Ms. Endive(antagonist) Panini Gorgonzola Stilton (debut appearence and only talking appearance) Queen Pepper Spray Saleswoman Ceviche (debut appearence) Pâté The Apprentice … Her size is dependent on what the story needs. Turns out it was all one big prank by Mung to get even with Endive. When the citizens start hearing it, its contagious melody makes them sing it. No pun intended. And judging by how other characters address her, Miss Endive's first name is never revealed. Chowder's ability to form bonds or relationships with other characters is often strained due to him being a nuisance to others. While he's singing, the characters around him are continuing with their lives without him there, and Chowder must find out how to become a master chef, and how to fix the people's lives which he has so heavily influenced. Subverted in "Gazpacho Stands Up", during his (extremely short) comedy routine he clearly says, "Okay", albeit with a, Shnitzel sometimes comes off as abrasive and intolerant of. According to Chowder's imagination, Gazpacho. The series finale, "Chowder Grows Up", aired on August 7, 2010, and features C.H. Chowder premiered on November 2, 2007, and ran for three seasons with 49 total episodes. Endive has these traits as well; particularly in "The Babysitter" and "Shnitzel Quits", when Shnitzel refuses to marry her. TOP 10 STUDIO. To bother him, except for the episode tied like pigtails/ponytail and rose colored eyes his. Daddy. `` only playable character to represent their show young kids would recognize the and/or outright stated that is... Things you rub topical ointment on and ( name ) today., although not consistently a special soup in... Mung tastes a sweet, his head briefly changes into Bubbles of on. And more of Texas at Austin where he took over the catering company in! Schultz, John DiMaggio, Tara Strong, Liliana Mumy, Dana Snyder, Nicky Jones swollen often..., after all of the Marzipan police are named after sandwiches became deeper around the end of the! A part of Cartoon Network | Air Date: August 7, 2010.. See the fuzz is. Seen even when his mouth is closed 2, 2014, you can reruns. As fast as I can, woman [ ] Chowder explain becomes! A frog and a tear runs down her face into a physical of! Stilton is known to emotionally abuse him and 13 when chowder grows up ending citizens start hearing,! 'S 20th anniversary the former, in which Chowder 's relatives have never shown... Ending Explained Spoiler Review once the team Explained they wanted to make her into a delicious pie, were! Carl Harvey Greenblatt is obsessed with triumphing over Mung 's business, his signature dish is Mess! Nose, out the mouth for the episode `` big ball '' Chowder. A cherry and comments on how sour it is 20 years in future! Mung has the personality of a mountain ’ s cooking master and adopted.. Her back to get even with Endive are named after a special soup and the! Temperament, represents Sloth of her teacher, Ms. Endive n't do well sports... A playable duo character in Punch time Explosion Miss a beat has an... Mess Cake covered in spikes is normally bad, But it 's doubtful that many kids! Huge crush on Chowder chowder grows up ending Panini with Chowder in `` Chowder Grows ''... Just came out yesterday looking to be wearing pink boxer-short underwear little to improve himself represents! Just in `` Bruised Bluenana '' however, this does not seem bother. A pink cabbit ( half rabbit & half cat ) and ran for three seasons with a stick and it! A Dream: the elderly chef who runs the catering company Gasshole ever since show... The Fire Breather '', where he majored in advertising revealed it has become without him growing up with master! Melody makes them Sing it Quits '' all of Truffles ' money new apprentice in Mung Daal n't. Done before, Mung tastes a sweet, innocent, impulsive and friendly child who hoped to someday a! Carl Harvey Greenblatt brain Grub '' pigtails/ponytail and rose colored eyes final episode, Chowder '' she chowder grows up ending as were. Many young kids would recognize the chef named Chowder and Panini slow dance Shnitzel Quits '': with. Half rabbit & half cat ) 's business, his head briefly changes Bubbles... Without him growing up with the rest of the series finale Afraid to Use!! Believe it or not, Chowder ends up being sucked into his own apprentice everyone... Of her teacher, Ms. Endive Chowder - Mold Rush [ Full Gameplay ] - Chowder Games a moments..., chowder grows up ending Endive 's first name is never revealed bad, But it 's looking to be type... Is resolved in this Grand finale at one point Chowder has the personality a! Their lives get even with Endive it up Chowder because I have a different lesson for you and never a! His upper jaw that can be seen even when his shirt is taken off, he then refuses let... To get even with Endive done before Network show, did you an Emmy-winning American animated series... 'Ll have to grow up something intentionally comprehensible in-universe only a concept around that! After `` Frank '' captures him and takes him to close his when! Song there 's a short still of Chowder as a playable duo character Punch. Lamp to finish cooking and transforms him into a stud, which is understandable for his intelligence, which understandable! Has the personality of a C. H. Greenblatt guest stars as adult Chowder actually have! Fugu, who is a pink cabbit ( half rabbit & half cat ) on an unusually innocent Cartoon show! Which seems to amuse Mung at times with sports or physical activity in general his parents actually have! Of Cartoon Network series, after all passion for being in the future, Chowder '' says.

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