Botanical name – Ocimum citriodorum, – Get the plant now. Vana tulsi is known for its fragrance, which is similar to that of clove. 13. It may be able to treat certain physical and emotional health conditions when used alongside prescription medicine. It is most consumed herb world wide and known by several common names such as king of herbs, royal herb, great basil and Saint-Joseph’s-wort etc, it is used in culinary preparations and used in several types of popular cuisines like Italian, Thai etc. Please take this into consideration before placing your order. There are three different strains of tulsi. Tulsi powder(a ground form of dried tulsi leaves) can also be used as an alternative to tulsi leaves for making tulsi tea. The name 'tulsi' connotes "the incomparable one". The plants have strong medicinal properties compared to second group species. Holy basil supports immune health to help you stay feeling your best.*. These seeds grown at our farm, secluded from other basils. Key Search Terms : Online Nursery, Houseplants Online, Indoor Plants Online, Outdoor Plants Online, Office Plants Online, Air Purifier Plants Online, Lucky Plants Online, Gift Plants Online. The leaves smell of peppermint, cloves, licorice and/or lemon. This variety is lemony in flavor, which sets it apart from the rest of the peppery-tasting family. The Queen of herbs is one of the most worshiped aromatic herbs that is found at almost every house in India. Considered by many to be the best tasting and most beneficial member of the tulsi family, vana tulsi leavesare dark at the base but lighten further up the plant. Krishna tulsi (ocimum tenuiflorum) Common names – Vietnamese Basil Temperature – Loves range 20 to 45 degree celsius Rama Tulasi is light green, whereas Krishna Tulasi is darker. Shop Garden Indoor Office Plants Online – Landscaping Gurgaon Delhi India, Herbs and medicinal plants reduce the number of visits to hospitals, 29 Best air purifying plants from NASA clean air study, 10 Best air purifier plants for office, make it the best place, 18 Best lucky trees for home and office landscape, 10 Best Winter Herbs for Delhi NCR and Sub-Tropical India. The plants are woody-stemmed and actually overwinter indoors more readily than the other tulsi types. Fragrant Flowers: Scented Rose | Tuberose | Jasmine | Plumeria | Parijat (Harsingar) | Raat Ki Raani | Mogra | Grdenia (Ananta) | Juhi • Wild Leaf Holy Basil or Vana Tulsi This variety has green leaves with white flowers. Summer long basil. 9 years ago. Ram Tulsi has a characteristic fragrance. Watering – Daily, except winters There are several varieties popular based on the regional religious beliefs which are known by a several vernacular and common names such as in Sanskrit it is named as Rama Tulsi and Krishna Tulsi, in Malayalam it is called Trittavu, in Marathi as Tulshi, Tulasi in Tamil, Thulsi in Telugu and Holy Basil in English. Below are its growing habits: Location – Outdoors Temperature – Loves range 15 to 40 degree celsius Holy basil, or tulsi, is an important symbol in the Hindu religion and it is a significant herb in ayurvedic medicine. How to use basil or Tulsi to improve hair texture? There are four types of tulsi mentioned in ayurvedic texts ie Rama, Krishna, Vana & Kapoor Tulsi. Green ruffles basil In other legends, she is called Vrinda and distinct from … It is found in the Himalayas and plains of India. 15. Botanical name – Ocimum kilimandscharicum, – Get the plant now. 20 Best Outdoor Vertical Garden Plants for Delhi NCR, 10 Best plants to bring good fortune to the business, Vegetables Grow Calendar for Kitchen Garden For North, East & West India, Chinese evergreen aglaonema varieties part 2, 5 best low maintenance plants for your office desk, Common indoor air pollutants – indoor air pollution agents. The Vana variety has a lovely lemony flavor with a grassy finish that perks up any herbal tea. We offer a wide range of nature products including but not limited to indoor, outdoor plants, planters, garden tools etc and garden related services such as landscaping, vertical garden, terrace garden, kitchen garden etc. The plant is less commonly grown perennial, aromatic and sacred species of holy basil in India. Light – Full Sun Common names – Amrita Tulsi It is native to India, Java, Sri Lanka and the northern and eastern parts of Africa. For over the centuries Tulsi (the queen of herbs) has been known for its remarkable healing properties. It is known by several common names such as Lemon basil, hoary basil, Thai lemon basil, or Lao basil etc it is a hybrid between sweet basil and american basil. The leaves are large and the plant can easily attain 5 feet tall, even when grown as an annual in the temperate north. Are you a wholesale account holder? Common names – Thai Basil It has a strong clove scent and is considered as a ceremonial plant in the Indian spiritual tradition. Botanical name – Ocimum cinnamon, – Get the plant now. Mashrita has vision to bridge the potential of nature and technology, tradition and science to help the planet in being a more better place. Winter Flowers: Marigold | Salvia | Pansy | Petunia | Dahlia | Dianthus | Chrysanthemum | Calendula | Hollyhock | Cineraria | Antirrhinum As vana durge, the idol had both the hands pointing downwards unlike the idol of today in which the right hand is pointing upwards indicating varada hasta. Botanical name – Ocimum basilicum, – Get the plant now. Ram Tulsi. There are three types of tulsi sold by Mountain Rose Herbs: Krishna, Rama, and Vana. Botanical name – Ocimum americanum, – Get the plant now. Grows wild in Asia and Africa and is used medicinally there as well. Light – Full Sun Light – Full Sun 8. Watering – Daily, except winters The plant has green leaves, white-to-purplish blossoms, and a green or purplish stem. The plant has pure green leaves and better tolerance to winters, sun light, plant requires more watering and fertilization than the other varieties. Plants by Location: Indoor | Outdoor | Balcony | Living Room | Bedroom | Plants for Bathroom | Office | Kitchen Garden | Roof Garden | Enterance | Fragrance She knows how to turn controversy into currency, Bhojpuri novels to Marwari folk tales, regional masterpieces get English twist, The world’s most glamorous quarantine project is an Indian diamond, We have sent you a verification email. Watering – Daily, except winters Holy basil (Ocimum tenuiflorum), commonly known in the Hindi language as tulsi, is quite possibly the most revered medicinal herb on the planet. Below are its growing habits: Location – Outdoors It is perennial, aromatic and culinary type species of basil, the plant is known for its rich color, sweet flavor, cleanliness and uniformity of particle size, it is considered to be of very high quality which has green color pointed leaves, purple color stem and purple color flowers. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience this causes you, and we hope you are staying well. Common names – Purple Basil Kapoor Tulsi belongs to the family of Lamiaceae. Landscaping and Vastu – landscape should compliment to vastu! The plant is perennial, aromatic and culinary type species of basil, the plant has green color leaves and white color flowers. Temperature – Loves range 15 to 40 degree celsius Hindus regard it as an earthly manifestation of the goddess Tulsi; she is regarded as the avatar of Lakshmi, and thus the consort of the god Vishnu. Light – Full Sun Holy basil is a plant that has violet flowers and blossoms; the stems are green, but sometimes have a purple tinge. It is perennial, aromatic and culinary type species of basil, the plant has green color pointed leaves, reddish purple color stem and dark purple color flowers. Tulsi's constituents … Watering – Daily, except winters Lettuce basil Vana Tulsi is found in the Himalayas as well as the plains of India, where it grows as naturalized plant. Botanical name – Ocimum tenuiflorum, – Get the plant now. The name means forests thus it is the wild version of basil. Vana tulsi is known to have less potency but is often blended with the other two types of tulsi for a pleasing flavor. 9. The plant has dark green to purple leaves, stems, and blossoms. The 'tulsi' plant or Indian basil is an important symbol in the Hindu religious tradition. American basil (ocimum americanum) Watering – Daily, except winters Vana (Ocimum gratissimum), aka. Common names – Lemon Basil Tulsi (pronounced tool-see) is a member of the mint family (Occimum sanctum) native to southern Asia. All in all, the combination proves to be a blessing for the body. 16. Vana tulsi, also called wild forest holy basil or wild forest tulsi, is a plant which is usually considered a type or variety of tulsi or holy basil, although it actually comes from a different species. Of the three types of tulsi, Krishna Tulsi is often considered to be the most beneficial to health, followed closely by Rama Tulsi. Vietnamese basil (ocimum cinnamon) Temperature – Loves range 10 to 35 degree celsius Wild tulsi, or Vana tulsi, grows wild around the Himalayan Mountains and in the plains of India. Spicy globe basil Below are its growing habits: Location – Outdoors "forest type", is known for its fragrance. Tulsi is a central component of the Ayurvedic medicinal system, revered for its soothing, adaptogenic qualities. 6. There is a great deal of variety in the size and coloring of these plants depending upon geography, rainfall and plant type. Sweet basil (ocimum basilicum) Vana Tulsi has less potency, but it is sometimes blended with other types of tulsi for a more pleasing flavor. The plant has green leaves and stem, with white blossoms. Blend some Tulsi leaves and make a fine paste. We took the best organic tulsi leaves and concentrated them with our Raw Herbal Extract technology so you can confidently handle whatever comes your way. The plant grows wild on roadsides and in waste places. Common names – Krishna Tulsi Watering – Daily, except winters Health Benefits Holy basil contains essential oils that work as an adaptogen, which aids the body in adapting to stress, as well as an antidepressant. 2. It is a tulsi plant that is found in most parts of the world. For educational purposes only. All we need to do is - learn appreciating it, learn spreading it. Temperature – Loves range 10 to 35 degree celsius Tulsi is taken as the herbal tea. Temperature – Loves range 10 to 35 degree celsius EMAIL : Send us an email REQUEST A CALL BACK : Request now, OPEN HOURS: Vana Tulsi (Ocimum gratissimum) is a tree basil native to India and East Africa. *This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. It is most commonly grown perennial, aromatic and culinary type species of basil, the plant has bigger green color leaves and stems. Greek basil It is classic Italian species with large dark green leaves, it is most common grown perennial, aromatic and culinary type species of basil, the plant has bigger green color leaves and stems. It has strong camphor scent and all parts of the flower, leaves and stems are edible. It is good source of vitamin A, Vitamin C, Calcium, Zinc, Iron, Chlorophyll and it posses anti bacterial, insecticidal properties, its leaves have capabilities to purify contaminated water.
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