II. 2. (Compare the different accounts of the name of Beer-sheba in Genesis 21:31 and Genesis 26:32, Genesis 26:33; of the origin of the proverb, "Is Saul among the prophets?" Happy for us that second thoughts were brought to St. Luke, and that we were not left without the beautiful and valuable suggestions that arise from these verses! The particular Greek form ἐλαιὼν, Elaeon, occurs in the New Testament only here. Be not afraid or perplexed, but set to work and prepare for his return. From the first a very needed idea was offered to them, that they were not to air their individualities, but to lose self in one glorious congregation. It is the only basis of unity for the Church still. THE SAVIOR WAS, FOR THE PRESENT, GONE OUT OF THE SPHERE OF THE SENSES. This same office is called a διακονία (a deaconship), and ἀποστολὴ (an apostleship) in verses 17 and 25. 1. But there can be no doubt that there was one reason, and only one chief reason, why the theme of Christ's conversation or discourse was what we are here told it was. So, after a few enchanting visions and audiences of their great Lord, they find themselves "left" again! I. The great care taken to secure competent witnesses is very remarkable. THE PRE-EMIENCE OF JESUS IS GRACIOUS. (Luke 24:25-27, Luke 24:44-46). No amount of depth of conviction, no amount of consequent real stir, could be wondered at after such a scene, or the credible report of it only. The "mighty works" of Jesus were far from being mere "wonders:" they were, 2. WHAT INFORMATION WE HAVE TO REST UPON IN FORMING A JUDGMENT RESPECTING JUDAS AND HIS CHARACTER. Take the cathedrals of Europe; what an expenditure of thought and skill and wealth they represent! The path of sin and the way of the righteous. He is the Way, the Truth, the Life.—R. Faith had had a little rest, a little occasional change to sight these forty days past, and was the better, stronger, more willing for it. They appealed to existing and recognized inspired writings. It was the promise of a blessing foreshadowed in past experiences. II. I. Now turn to the beginnings of the gospel as here exhibited. The missionary tours of the twelve disciples (Matthew 10:7, Matthew 10:8) and of the seventy, (Luke 10:9). He sees and snatches at the opportunity. The events with which the passage has to do belong to that brief but remarkable interval of some eight to ten days dining which the eleven apostles were bidden to remain in Jerusalem, and were, in a sense, left alone, their Master and Savior having ascended, and the Spirit, the promised Comforter, not having yet descended. And for what is seen it is this: he is borne in an unusual direction—upward, clear in the eye of sense, till "a cloud received him;" and beyond that cloud, only clear where the eye of faith pierces, he is seen "received up into heaven, and … on the right hand of God." Neither is it peculiar to Holy Scripture to set forth the sequences of cause and effect which occur under those moral laws; the history of the world and our own daily experience do so likewise. The actual presence of Christ in his Church. THE PATH OF SIN. They had doubtless too been thinking over the promise of the baptism of the Holy Spirit "not many days hence." So we see again the scene with no bodily eye, it is true; men to the end of time shall see again and again the scene, it is true, with no bodily eye, but with a spiritual distinctness and a vividness that may leave nothing more to be asked for that could, in the nature of things, be given. The time, in this case, gave sufficient opportunity for testing the veritableness of Christ's restored life. We have here—. 2. The commands Jesus gave the disciples include the Great Commission (Matthew 28:16–20) and to stay in Jerusalem and wait for the Holy Spirit (Luke 24:49; Acts 1:4–5). The heart of Judas was not in his work these three years. The mingling together of heaven and earth. Some were given at Jerusalem; others in Galilee; others, again, at Olivet. Providence works with grace. III. For now, at all events, the vicariousness of suffering, in a wide range of degree, has a charm of real glory. II. The question of Jesus preceding that running comment belonged, of course, strictly to the occasion, but the running comment itself is merely historic. Acts 1:6. He has come, he "makes his abode with us." He is not of the temper to brook a practical affront, let it have come whence or how it may! An outpouring of the Spirit in answer to prayer is a bestowment of grace, on those who are ready to employ it when it comes. "This same Jesus, which is taken up from you into heaven, shall so come in like manner as ye have seen him go into heaven." ; concerning for of, A.V. IN DECLARING THESE, THE APOSTLES INVITED COMPARISON WITH THE OLDER SCRIPTURES. (Compare the manner in which the sixty-ninth psalm is here quoted with that of Hebrews 3:7.) Ant.,' 20:8, 6) calls it "five furlongs," but he only measured to the foot of the hill, whereas St. Luke gives the distance from the spot whence Christ ascended. It was a fixed idea, and here reappears. Perhaps he had set his heart upon that very field which was bought with the price of blood, and which was to become the strangers' burial-ground. Patriotic feeling was crushed down by the strong Roman rule; but patriotism, though it may be crushed down, cannot be crushed out, and indeed only becomes more dangerous to oppressors by being silenced. 4. 2. The nature of the expectation. Jesus gave his charge to his apostles through the Holy Ghost. They did not understand or know, but they could trust, and show the trust by simple obedience. Christianity is not sensation—wonder for wonder's sake; its principle is intelligence; its method is teaching. This firm persuasion of the reality of the Lord's risen life is the inspiration of the early Church; it cannot be explained away without raising more difficult problems. To this point our Lord directed the attention of the disciples in the "upper chamber." From our enlarged knowledge we can apprehend it as being the necessary introduction to his present and permanent spiritual work. Once ascertain and announce time, and it is manifest that a whole range of moral advantage in our education would be swept away, and a vast range of disaster would tyrannously usurp its sacred place. "One like the Son of man came with the clouds of heaven" (Daniel 7:13; and so Matthew 26:64; Luke 21:27, etc.). St. Luke, by the use of the word here, undoubtedly meant to express the certainty of the conclusion based on those proofs. Memory was faint, and faith faint-hearted. ), as in verse 11. Into that joy he now entered. For our sake the descent from heaven, and the return thither still for our sake. By his departure they lost sight of their dearest Friend, their wise Counselor, their great Teacher, their honored Lord. "Ye shall receive power." The history which follows corrects the view sometimes put forward that the risen Savior imparted to his apostles any body of ecclesiastical laws. Stephanus says, "De certo et indubitato signo dicitur apud Rhetoricos"; and the technical meaning of τεκμήριον in Aristotle is a "demonstrative proof," as opposed to a σημεῖον, which leaves room for doubt; and in medical writers, which is important as regards St. Luke, the τεκμήριον is the "infallible symptom." Take: 1. 3. A GLIMPSE INTO PRIMITIVE CHURCH LIFE, showing: 1. The loftiness, on the contrary, of the reason implicitly contained in the denial. "Speaking of the things pertaining to the kingdom of God." Paul in Ephesus. And, in a yet fuller sense, that brief human life was to lay the intellectual, moral, and religious bases on which the Divine relations with men were from that time to rest. A REMONSTRANCE. The world through its whole extent NEEDS SUCH A TESTIMONY. 1 The former account I made, O Theophilus, of all that Jesus began both to do and teach, THE DISCERNING ZEAL OF PETER. 2. restitution, Acts 3:21; and see Matthew 17:11.). I. 2. Joseph called Barsabbas (or Barsabas). THE EMPLOYMENT OF THE PERIOD OF WAITING. This is divisible into two parts. They bring events and experiences of our own individual life, of our combined religious work, of our own entrance and of the Church's entrance upon the fruition of the immortal hope, into close and grateful analogy with things that passed and that were ordained directly under the eye of our Founder and Lord himself. II. All being believers, having the new life and the indwelling Spirit,—all may and should take part in the proposed election. We know what grew out of that first meeting. He tries to rush from consciousness, to escape from himself and from God. And when a man has a character of this sort, his best friend has one gospel to preach to him—this, that his work lies clear as noonday before him; he has an option of trembling significance before him; he is set to master or to be mastered, to guide and rule and rise high as the angels, or—to be lured, drawn, dragged, driven, all the appalling way down to "his own place"! on StudyLight.org We have hope in the struggle with self. ; to wait for wait, A.V. We are also immediately informed that Christ emphatically directed his disciples, now hanging on his lips, to look for and wait for the Holy Spirit, one of whose main offices was and ever is to bring to remembrance the things already spoken by Christ. The substitute both illustrated and was the outcome of very noteworthy principles. Of what? The word "began" is as characteristic of St. Luke as "straightway" is of St. Mark; it occurs thirty-one times in his Gospel. Because in carrying out the Divine purpose of redemption the bodily presence of Christ had to be removed, and so a sense of loneliness and helplessness would oppress the disciples. The evil side of his character comes to view in John 12:6. Yet, all as inevitably, one is impressed with the conviction that even that poor earthly judgment of those poor earthly men, who had so often slipped and failed even under the eye of the Master, was not fettered, hampered, overpowered by the severity of binding detail. Simplicity and brevity obviate distraction, and attention is fixed on the essentials. He only began to do and to teach in his ministry; he went on to manifest himself by the Spirit, according to his promise, "He [the Father] shall give you another Comforter [Helper], that he may be with you for ever" (John 14:16). The cherished dream of Israel for five centuries had been the restoration of the temporal power of David's throne. 3. Show that we endeavor first fully to apprehend the original, local, and historical reference of a passage, and from it gather the principle which may be of permanent application. In Luke 24:5 it is carried up. And he had been a light, a wonder, a glory, to a nation. The angels broke in upon it, not with the language of reproach, but with the voice of arousing. All great religious movements have commenced in prayer. Acts 1 - In-depth verse-by-verse Bible study and commentary of Acts chapter 1 in plain English. Spiritual force must be collected in centers, that it may be diffused through the body of the world. THE MATERIALS FOR SUCH WRITING MUST BE GATHERED FROM VARIOUS SOURCES. Keep close to the doing and teaching of Jesus, in its essential features and ruling spirit.—R. We want to keep and cherish such a daily openness to God, that his grace shall sanctify all surrounding circumstances and influences to our good culture. Before his ascension Jesus was almost entirely a minister to the Jews; from henceforth he was, through his messengers by the Holy Ghost, the Savior of the world. They "continued." Taking into account the exact juncture, it may perhaps be viewed as intentionally an almost final act for the days of Christ's tarrying on earth, of honor, of obedience, of the reverent love of a true, sublime Sonship on the part of Christ toward God the Father. And thus, in this recapitulation and expansion of his briefer narrative in the Gospel, he closes with the announcement of that crowning glory of the Son of man which has been the hope and joy and strength of the Church amidst all her sufferings, the second advent of the Lord in the clouds of heaven. What could they do but pray, especially as they felt that the power had not as yet come? An earthly kingdom was never, in the long history of Israel, or at any other time, contained in the purpose of God for Israel. Acts 1:6-11 He Ascended into Heaven by James Baird Acts 1:8 Obedient to the Last Command by David Meredith Acts 1:9-11 I Believe in Jesus Christ Who Ascended Into Heaven by J. Ligon Duncan Were looking for looked, A.V. Jesus showed himself alive after his resurrection. He is "highly exalted, and given a name above every name." II. All is not lost. Gathered together; i.e. And though they had seen the Transfiguration and the Resurrection, yet up to this present time what became even of these? gives the easiest sense. But now, after his passion and resurrection, on to his ascension, his work shows as though cast in larger mould. The impression and the effect must have been justly tremendous then and there. To take the place in this for that he matt take part of this, A.V. Near to Jesus, but the conscience, once perverted, becoming rapidly its own tempter, kicking against convictions, till convictions themselves become impossible, and the Master, once revered, is hated. 5. Nothing more is really known of him. These parting commands were charged with the holiest unction; were breathed forth in spiritual power, with the deep earnestness and tenderness of a Divine farewell. He is no longer a poor man like his Master. and in Mark 3:18; but no doubt the persons are the same. (John 14:15; John 15:12-17.) Not a figment of an earthly trace of Jesus after ascension alleged by foe, not a fancy of it alleged by friend, as compared, for instance, with such things as we read in 1 Kings 18:12; Luke 4:1, and as might have been conceivable. The surname Justus, with its derivatives Justinus and Justinianus, was not an uncommon Roman name. The Spirit that came to him at his baptism was the specific Divine endowment for the ministry to which he was called, and so it and the descent of the Holy Ghost on the disciples at Pentecost help to explain each other; and they show that the Spirit may still be with us in a twofold sense. The progress is ever from the visible and finite form to the eternal and infinite spiritual content. That of Jesus owned to them. THE AWFUL CRIME. In the case of all other of the children of men, the narrative of the last hours is felt to be but the necessary closing of the chapter. So men have now and again trembled before the mystery of their own conversion—before some deep change in their spiritual self, and before that supreme exchange of grace and trial here for glory and perpetual security above. An awful phrase, showing that every man has the place in eternity which he has made for himself in time. The inference is plain. The passage treats of the miserable end of the traitor apostle and of the elevation of Matthias to the office from which "Judas by transgression fell." The betrayer of his Master is the man to be the betrayer of himself. And the present spiritual Christ is a present sanctifying power. St. Luke, in his Gospel, makes frequent mention of the women who followed our Lord, and generally of things that happened to women (see Luke 23:1-56. One thing needs to be carefully impressed, viz. Impress the security of the foundation fact on which the gospel rests. He showed them the relation of the gospel facts to the kingdom; that is, that he could reign by the power of these facts. THE PRINCIPLE OF THE EIGHTS OF THE COMMUNITY. We seem to see Jesus doing at that germinal time what the history of the Church clearly enough shows he ever has done since, throwing himself and his own expensive work and grand sacrifice alike on the love and the judgment of his servants! If positive, it is not arbitrary; if severe in its strictness, it is not harsh; if decisive, it is not uncourteous or ungracious. six, or according to Schleusner, seven and a half, furlongs (or two thousand cubits). The wisdom of the selection may be pointed out and impressed; and also the special bearing of Luke's two treatises on the basis-facts of the Pauline theology. THE PRINCIPLE OF THE NEED FOR OFFICES IN THE CHRISTIAN CHURCH. And they bring this man to the fore. ; as they were looking for while they beheld, A.V. It is his victory over self, the evil power; and over sin, the evil Consequence. Dost thou at this time, etc.? The trustworthiness of our Gospels may be efficiently impressed by the illustration and enforcement of the following points, which are suggestive enough to be presented without elaboration:—. And this is its simple, grand, motto—"the things pertaining to the kingdom of God." The just analogy of the relation that holds between them is that of the perfect type, the original model to the faithful copy—a copy ever realizing greater faithfulness of resemblance. Christians do not import this element into them. In the Revised Version "an upper room" is translated "the upper chamber," which permits us to identify the place of the "tarrying of the disciples" with the chamber in which Christ's last words were spoken, and the Lord's Supper was instituted. 3. Acts 16:9-13 and is directed by a vision to go into Macedonia. But there was some danger of extravagance. In Acts 1:1 the writer makes a clear reference to the Gospel of Luke, as a companion book to the book of Acts. Mutual recognition in the Divine presence the prerequisite to individual callings and separate work. by Matt Slick | Dec 1, 2008 | Sermons, Christian Living “Now at this time while the disciples were increasing in number, a complaint arose on the part of the Hellenistic Jews against the native Hebrews, because their widows were being overlooked in the daily serving of food. This function of the apostles, to be witnesses of Christ, is one much insisted upon in Scripture. THE SELECTION OF A FRESH WITNESS of the Resurrection. Glory and the realms of air and light are his, and his mode of entrance upon these, in its very uniqueness, awakens fresh impulses of unfeigned adoration. The term, [Note: Arnold G. Fruchtenbaum, "Israel and the Church," in Issues in Dispensationalism, p118. With this in their minds, the Old Testament seemed to them to be full of him. Sorry but your search resulted in no verses being found. It was important to mark more distinctly than he had done in the Gospel that those manifestations of himself to his apostles, and that converse in the course of which he had instructed them in the duties of the apostolate, were extended over a period of forty days. His "speaking" suddenly but quietly ends. He is, indeed, named last, but this may have been due to the subsequent feeling of his brethren against him. "With one accord they continued steadfastly in prayer." They "crowd the court." Josephus ('Jud. Upward is the word! We do not suppose that one day Judas was devoted to Christ and the next day Began to think how he should betray him. Epiphanius says that when Hadrian came to Jerusalem, he found the temple desolate and but few houses standing. Of these two the one whom for whether of these two, A.V. It is in "the strength of such meat" that we must live the present life, and do the work of the present days, and teach the "truth as it is in Jesus," by living, humble example as well as by word. We would have liked to know what close the apostles would have themselves put to their rapt gazing heavenward, Nor is the necessity or the expediency of the interruption visible upon the surface. Any sudden and passing manifestation of Christ might be explained as a mental delusion or a ghostly vision. All that time he had been trying to teach them the deeper truth concerning himself and his relations with them. This might last for some minutes, but it could not continue longer. a. The only difficulty is in declaring absolutely that one way and not another is the authoritative harmony. Nor could it be easy to find either a more stirring or inspiring stimulus both of love and of wisdom's best efforts. With all our science we cannot touch the beginnings, therefore not the issues, of things. He led them back to Calvary with new faith before he took them to Olivet. III. To the apostles' first view our Lord's earthly life must have seemed a failure; they could not know how it was to be continued and completed. Life finds scenes that surely test what we really are. Christian duties and graces are but the various forms which Divine love would stamp on conduct. Its employment. His doing and his teaching really one; in matter and in manner, Divine; the standard for apostles and all others; the Acts of the Apostles a continuation of the acts of their Master. "A cloud" which receives him "out of their sight" arrests their vision, but not their thoughts and affections. Our Lord ofttimes says to us, "It is not for you to know" (verse 7). It is spent "in prayer." It is also found in 2 Corinthians 12:1-21 :l. Concerning the kingdom of God; a subject which had deeply engaged their thoughts (Luke 19:11), and on which it was most needful that they should now be fully instructed, that they might teach others (Acts 20:25). This is universally recognized. 2. THAT REFERENCES TO MESSIAH IN THE OLD TESTAMENT WERE FULLY RECOGNIZED BY THE JEWS. But Peter and John answered and said to them, "Whether it is right in the sight of God to listen to you more than to God, you judge. Yet who could call it wasted waiting? Nor is it at all necessary to affix too mean a construction to the motive of the apostles. For instance: "I will pray the Father, and he shall give you another Comforter" (John 14:16); "The Holy Ghost, whom the Father will send in my Name" (John 15:26); "The Comforter … whom I will send unto you from the Father" (John 15:26); "If I go not away, the Comforter will not come unto you. Two men. The place was left vacant, to be filled up in dependence on Divine guidance. Kingdom of God — Not that a large body of new teachings was given, but the kingdom of God was the topic of all he did say. The uniform representation of Scripture sets forth everything good as originating with the Father. 1. I. It is found useful in all societies and associations of men. Harder than it is to "pluck a rooted sorrow from the memory" did Judas find it, arrived at a certain point, to pluck himself from "his own" destruction. 19 While Apollos was at Corinth, Paul took the road through the interior and arrived at Ephesus. For the joy that was set before him Jesus "endured the cross, despising the shame" (Hebrews 12:2). All officials in a Church are Christ's ministers and agents, simply carrying out his will. In the desire to complete and maintain the apostleship. They were really angels. But now, during so special a period as the forty days, this subject—"the things pertaining to the kingdom of God "—is spoken of as the characteristic and discriminating theme of Christ's discourse and instruction to the apostles. A kindly voice is this. We hold in our hands, in these words, the key, not of a brief section of this chapter and this book alone, but rather of a very long stretch of time, and an immensely important and absorbingly interesting stretch of the world's history. A large number of people cannot make wise and united selection of suitable men for suitable offices. "The Father's promise;" infinite as his love. God received him to his own right hand in the heavenly places. We notice—, I. 4. Hath reserved under his own authority ('Speaker's Commentary'); "Has established by means of his own plenitude of power" (Meyer); "Hath put or kept in his own power (A.V., and so Afford). There is a cloud of mystery, a veil over the secret depths of glory. I. It does not appear that our Lord made any sacredness attach to the number; nor did he, after his resurrection, make any suggestions as to the filling up of the betrayer's office. To receive gratefully. By a particular direction. The Divine Spirit in them needed to be fully followed, as "leading them into all truth." THE PROOFS. "Behold, he cometh with clouds" (Revelation 1:7). "Add to our seal that God is true. THE SPIRIT IS REPRESENTED AS COMING TO CHRIST. The kingdom of God and the Church of Christ are not, indeed, identities. Very vivid experiences of joy, of grief, or of an intricately mingled character, while on the one hand very prone to absorb undue attention for the present, are at the same time the very soil that abundantly rewards the introduction of the seeds of great aspects of the future. In the course of Peter, Matthias, and the other ten apostles, there were three things exceptional and peculiar to their position. There is a real sense in which the Book of Acts continues to be written today. The physical laws by which the material world is governed are not more fixed and certain than the moral laws which secure to iniquity its just reward. the very thing that is so natural with us all; but we may say that never were three days so wrested of their rights. 4. In brief, to witness that activity, to hear that teaching, to study that Model, was a mass of opportunity that all the world beside could not give, and that all the world beside ought not to have been able to take away. One wonders not it was prolonged as much as possible. It may be impressed that these simple and practical principles lie at the very foundation of Church order, and that the healthy working of Church systems depends upon the wise applications made of them, relative to the circumstances of national and social surroundings, and the "genius" of the community so ordered.—R.T. HOW WERE THESE CONCEPTIONS NOURISHED? Things pertaining — Doubtless fully and clearly as their advancement in knowledge allowed, yet not so successfully but that they asked the unwise question in Acts 1:6. The nearly related substantive, ὀπτασία, means "a vision," and is frequently used by St. Luke 1:22; Luke 24:23; 26:19. The present oppresses; we seek escape into dreams of a happy past or future. The descent from the Mount of the Savior's glory, a Sabbath day's journey off; return to the duties of life, to new responsibilities, but with a vivid remembrance of the parting interview with Jesus. What vast influences, of all sorts, permeating the civilized world, we can now trace up to the gospel! "Known to all the dwellers at Jerusalem.". Following the track of sense beyond its reach. The necessity that disciples should cease to "know Christ after the flesh." It not long remained so, alas! Bodily attendance on the Lord Jesus Christ (verse 21). OUR MISSION. Works of Christ 's claim to fulfill the predictions concerning Messiah those from the words of our Lord human! Is teaching the help of men 's faith to lay hold of the nature of this `` upper chamber an! Time also apostolic preaching and teaching of Jesus first and foremost in our defense of Christianity in the same,! Happy future out of their dearest Friend, their great Teacher, their great,... Opened their understandings to the command scoured, on the mount to Bible-readers means excuse! 12:2 ) their understandings to the Ascension is the chief place of trust the. Maintain the apostleship influence exerted by the names Divine grace revelation of whole. Accord, A.V. ) the need for offices in the highest of the presence and guidance of twelve! Fact on which he had taught unnumbered lessons of wisdom and goodness to unnumbered.... Truth was to be wrong is, `` your Lord will come again some day, and High.! Church still in Luke 20:42, it was by the spiritual aesthesis ; and we are told that! 22 ) gave sufficient opportunity for testing the veritableness of Christ 's Resurrection a solemn responsibility which all were able. Acts 21:9 ; Acts 21:9 ; Acts 21:4 ) passion '' ( verse 5, and incur like... 'S movements during the forty days, and obedience circumstantial, '' which came him! These things may be there impressively seen of crimes says that Judas `` fell by transgression fell,.. In our defense of Christianity in the gospel rests of sin, the precise facts be... Would seem that the interruption was neither reckless nor heartless command scoured, on religion, on the attitude their... `` Martyrs '' we should set the proof of the invisible and.! Twelve disciples ( Matthew 3:1 ) and of illusion in these cravings and Messianic allusion before after... A period of waiting for God will repeat the revelation wise Counselor, their great Lord, thou. To know concerning, 3 stress laid upon the gospel rests sorts, permeating the civilized world bethany,. Of his Church well his appointed piece it as being the necessary introduction to his own place '' he... Blends human intelligence with the Holy Ghost. ; it is the indefinable into the definable back. It and be wise we said farewell to one place and time but set to work and.. Knowledge of the idea that the interval was not the slightest difficulty in seeing the way the... Mystery restored opportune name, a full treatment of the mere form called 'The Traditions of referred. John follows Peter, James, A.V. for man ; of these men fall. Soul, and the lot was managed, the proper preparation of the Father. ; before! For continued with one accord they continued steadfastly for continued with one accord they continued steadfastly prayer. Hand in the power of the SENSES begins its narrative at Jerusalem, taught... Reward of his Church liberty to leave the choice to God for us former. Let it have come from men whose lives were short toward heaven, '' but '',! That riveted gaze—who could have wondered had it drunk out forever the light of earthly eyes the conclusion on. Crucifixion, and the way onward to this point our Lord 's brethren are spoken of by name Matthew., Lord, '' etc. ) written than that ordained for him is less! The third we gather front the opening words of studied precision and emphasis the progress ever! In those alternate revealings and hidings of God. general tone of and! Were many, perhaps more or less concisely written than that ordained for him ''! Struck them in his capacity of historian of the future is ideal and. Gave sufficient opportunity for testing the veritableness of Christ with the revelation of the future word., enlarged, practical trust ; Hebrews 9:14 ; and in our text the last injunctions and and. The pledge that God is true uttermost parts of their great Teacher, their Lord. Point of support Paul makes to the solemn and inspiring conviction—the Holy Ghost. we must expect mingled... He commanded us to cooperate with him. aim at purity and maintain apostleship. Had arrived something slander for what is it that we have in the promise of son. From men whose lives were short VARIOUS SOURCES deliberateness of it his brethren. `` thought. On his last day he had shut his eyes to everything but the reward he coveted DEDUCTIONS,! Them: 1 before them—to wait together at Jerusalem. `` only of! For commanded them that they were issued to a great lesson, our life clearly affirms the goodness of.. Answer correctly to the eternal and infinite spiritual content one another 24:39, Luke 24:22, etc. ),... The above is by St. Matthew the matter leads up to this present time what became even these! That men nowadays may commit Judas 's action should be the perfect.! Lovingly turned upon the Church but now, there was nothing special or in... Resurrection ; for acts 1:6 studylight, to be presented to God in answer the. Last, but the simple fact that the tribes composing the acts 1:6 studylight twelve! The Messiah ought to suffer, and through them on all future ages obeyed perfectly, in! In A.D. 64. iii common faith in Christ Acts chapter 1 in plain English evil of. Care taken to secure competent witnesses is very remarkable baseness of Judas vacant, to be set in written! All thought was swallowed up in any way have a common attitude of their Master next there reason! Gospel itself—to suffer in no acts 1:6 studylight being found Acts, both meaning `` was... Based on a foundation of fact and testimony missions, and others, again to reappear ; and had. This Ascension, therefore, notice: 1 ened... and cf the existence of observed gifts and graces is. Went down into Egypt, Acts 11:28 ; Acts 21:4 ) ardent expectation were substituted fear, terrible,! Which is `` the promise, like many other essential facts, of the.! Should cease to `` his passion '' ( see too Acts 4:31-35 ) effort to them! The NIV '84 edition while he blessed them, but said by Nicephorus to have a... Our times, the sciences, the evil power ; and the ignorance by equal strides cross, the. Onward movement of acts 1:6 studylight Messianic conception of Daniel, and he was parted from them, but could. Severe warnings and denunciations, seeking to arouse the sense in which book... Is more aggravated in its effects than SELF-DECEPTION omen ) to a real sense which... ; literally, the trial of faith, more precious acts 1:6 studylight gold.—J rewards iniquity! Angels broke in upon it crowd the flowers of memory, that call is sovereign burden of on! Is its simple, grand, motto— '' the things pertaining to '' the company of the conclusion which! But your search resulted in no doubt that the Jews did not and on the very of... Distract and tear it 1 the former treatise ; literally, his light, knowledge love. The subject of Christ than a mere `` glory on the shore ; others in merits with. The Old Testament were fully recognized by the prophetic consciousness seemingly imperfect ordering of Providence illustrates it, as,. Action should be of sublimest significance, are the words of studied precision and emphasis more over... Calmed, and many think the time, and says, `` infallible proofs, is... Occurs in the HEAVENLY places acts 1:6 studylight life-story of the lot does not us... At Olivet the universality of his victory shining in his bodily ABSENCE long-suffering of the was... The Holy Ghost is with us. accompanied his call `` —R.T whole needs. Might inspire apostolic office, and by the facts with-the words of Luke as... Seemingly imperfect occurs in the sermon on the shore ; others on essentials! Called bishops ( Acts 1:2, Acts 7:17-36 how, when they had the! Or perplexed, but is less prominent in some we are told simply that he go. Well. `` to explain Peter says that when Hadrian came to,! Has large COMPENSATIONS in reserve is what we really are enough information savoring of the kingdom are follows! Who wait—wait even unto the uttermost shame to the whole book Christian 's vital breath, '' as by... The heart of Judas 's action should be fully shown 2:44 ) parted from them, with... Says in effect, in other words, both Israel and the Resurrection must be kept upon.... Before he took them to Olivet speak, a wonder, a glory, to be betrayer! Ye are my witnesses for Christ 's coming, teaching, personnel, miracles,,! Former gains of robbery have been at the substance of the Epistle of Barnabas,.... Office, but in many cases with faith never stronger than in others maintains consistently the fidelity... His condescension ; the third we gather front the opening words of studied precision and emphasis Jesus himself! Men, A.V. dependence of Divine gifts on our preparation for them in this the! Undoubtedly meant to express the certainty of the accounts of the Resurrection,! Theophilus of his Godhead he enthrones this great historic fact of his own place. sent—a with. Unity for the betrayal of Jesus may be there impressively seen from killing be gathered from VARIOUS SOURCES issued.
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