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Phone: 020 3355 8058

What we offer


We offer 24 hour residential services, from changing a lock to helping you unlock your house we can do it all. ​


Whether your stranded in no where or late for work we will have your back with a mobile service there for any emergency.


Having you business secure is extremely important, therefore we offer around the clock services to help in case of a break-in, a lockout or a security upgrade.


For your connivance we have arranged a emergency service ready for your call 24 hours a day. All you need to do is call and we are on our way to help in seconds.

Lock Change

upgrading your security can be important for a number of reasons, like keeping your house safe or having a CCTV. Therefore we have provided you with highly trained locksmiths to assist you with any security upgrade you need.

Car Key Made

Loosing your car can be very frustrating and can it can take days for you to receive a new one. With our services it is just a matter of seconds from when

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