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Making sure our clients are as safe as possible is Locksmith London’s top priority.

Our Locksmith are not only highly qualified and experienced, they are also insured and licensed. 

Moreover, we provide a 24 hour service to make sure that no matter the time we are here to help.

just call ,Locksmith North London, for the best services you can get.

Lock change ​

The security of your house is one of the most important aspects of house care. having problems with your lock can put you and your family in risk of break-in’s and so on. Therefor we provide with a 24 hour service to never leave unsafe.

our locksmiths are professionals and they deliver the services as fast as possible with a wait time that in unheard off.

And if that is snot enough we also make sure to provide the best prices we can offer making the experience easy, fast and affordable in the best quality in the market.

Lock change

24 Hour Emergency Service

if your house has just been mugged or you have lost your keys and you are scared that a stranger has found them or even if you would like to make sure a old resident is not able to get in to your property any more we are the service for you.

At Locksmith London we believe that your security is above every thing the most important. Therefor we deliver 24 Hour emergency service making sure that no matter the time we will be able to help you.

No matter the hour you can always feel free to call our dispatch service for information or help.

Changing Your Cylinder

Are you looking to cut expenses and do it your self?. If you would like to change the cylinder by your self we have found a video to help you with just that. 

insured & bonded

While making sure you receive the best service, we also make sure our locksmiths are insured and licensed. 

Although our work dose not stop there, we make sure our locksmiths are patient and kind. They will provide you with the best and most affordable service there is around the clock. 

Furthermore, Our dispatch center is as well around the clock, making sure you always get you help and never stay alone in these situations. 


We focus on making the experience as stress free and as fast as it gets. focusing on being able to offer any service you need in minutes at the best prices that the market can offer. ​

We place our locksmiths in a strateigcl manner making sure to be always 20 min away from you. 

We offer emergency service therefore we are open 24 hour a day. 

You may call us at – 055555555 or you can send us an email stating what the problem is and a dispatcher will book the job for you in no time you may  book an immediate job or you can book an appointment.

You will the following formation:

  1. Proof of identity and ownership of the propriety you want us to help you with. 
  2. The address of where you will need the service.
  3. A phone number for us to reach you. 
  4. The name of whom the services regard.

We offer a wide verity of services:

  • House lock out 
  • Car lockout
  • Commercial lockout 
  • Lock change 
  • File cabinets 
  • Security upgrade 
  • CCTV 
  • Car key made
  • Door Repair

If your problem is not listed above please call to have a dispatcher answer all of your questions.

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